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United Arab Emirates


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United Arab Emirates, in the modern country of the thousand and one nights

'An ancient people in a new country', is the best definition of United Arab Emirates. Abu Dhabi and Dubai, with their crazy architecture, are the most referenced destinations in United Arab Emirates travel guides, however the shores of the Persian Gulf represent a total of seven Emirates. Seven good reasons to book a ticket for the United Arab Emirates! A journey between the Muslim essence and modern eccentricities.

Abu Dhabi is the place to see if you love architecture; it boasts enormous projects alongside the elegant white Al-Hosn fort - only vestige of the 19th century - now house to the emirs' castle. The great mosque and the Sheikh Zayed mosque, both built in surreal proportions, bring you back to the tale of the thousand and one nights where Islamic tradition fits with the more eccentric modernity. Al Ain oasis is an absolute must in Abu Dhabi, with its 19th century mud-brick buildings.

A flight to Dubai will lead you to a paradise filled with numerous possibilities. Take a ride up the highest and most luxurious hotel in the world named Burj Al-Arab, and watch the reconstruction of planet Earth, go skiing in a mall, or go shopping right in the middle of sharks; in Dubai nothing seems impossible!

The more traditional Fujairah attracts people with its Badiyah mosque; the oldest of the Emirates, and Ras El Khaimah draws people for the ruins of Julfar, its medieval town, long regarded as the Kingdom of the legendary Queen of Sheba. The 'blue souk' of Sharjah highlights the ecosystem and features cultural diversity by housing no less than ten museums.

The small Emirate of Umm Al-Qaiwain gives you a moment of freshness with its flocks of sheep strongly contrasting with the fever originated from the black gold of its big brothers. And last, but not least, Ajman, the smallest Emirate, home to the largest construction of dhows as well as the country's most beautiful gulf course dated 1775 and named Al-Hosn.