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Tokyo: a city between hysteria and Zen

Booking a flight to Tokyo is the best way to combine discovering a millennium of historic heritage plunged into a city at the cutting edge of modernity. In Tokyo, be prepared to cross paths with rushing businessmen, shy geishas and kogyarus alike, equipped with the latest high-tech gadgets.

A flight to Tokyo enables you to see the most established traditions and the most striking modernity. Your Tokyo travel guide will recommend a visit to a Buddhist temple (the Senso-ji)… and the following page a karaoke night at a trendy bar in the city. In Tokyo there are side-by-side neighbourhoods, one which is teeming with activity (the business centre of Shinjuku) and the next with parks dedicated to tranquillity (Yoyogi, traditional Rikugien gardens, etc.). If it is the Japanese night-life which attracts you, then head to a nightclub in Roppongi !

During your trip to Tokyo, after visiting the Imperial Palace and the unavoidable Ghibli museum, let yourself be sucked into the underground city, with countless shopping malls, where you will find the most unlikely gadgets! The gyarus, young girls who have an extravagant style, go crazy for these electronic toys. Tokyo is also the ideal destination for an introduction to yoga (Yoga in Tokyo centre) and to discover the traditional Japanese bath ritual: the LaQua spa welcomes you for an exceptional time of relaxation! On the artificial island of Odaiba, the Oedo Onsen Monogatari will make you enjoy a warm bath in a setting typical of the nineteenth century Japanese…

At the same time as booking your flight to Tokyo, inquire about going to watch a sumo wrestling match in the famous and traditional arena, the Kokugikan, dedicated to this discipline. The pinnacle of tradition preserved in a populated city of buildings and neon lights that makes it a capital of new technologies.