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Vibrant Moscow

One lifetime would not be enough to discover Moscow « Matouchka Moskva », as it is nicknamed by the russians, charms by the grandeur of its imposing monuments and their breathtaking scale.

Reserve a plane ticket to Moscow sand succumb to the alluring extremes of this capital city.

The Kremlin and Red Square await on arrival from your flight to Moscow. From Lenin's mauseleum to the Patriarch's Palace or the Cathedral of the Dormition, take in the historic heritage of the russian capital. The State History museum will assist you!

Admire the Metropol hotel, the Douma, the house of trade unions, the Bolchoï theater:

Muscovite architecture is most definitely a change of scenery, as is still evident in Tverskaya Street. Your Moscow tour guide will also suggest a stop at the Café Pushkin, to taste one of their famous chocolates. For a good restaurant in Moscow, head over to the Arbat district! Nearby you will find the Museum of Fine Arts with its magnificent Rembrandts as well as the unmissable Christ the Savior Cathedral.

With a plane ticket to Moscow, you can find a little peace by heading to the south bank of the Moscova River. Enjoy bucolic moments in such neighborhoods as Zamoskvorietchiyé with its peaceful streets, elegant neoclassical abodes and sublime mansions. The oldest district of Moscow, Kitay-Gorod, you will discover splendid churches and especially that of the Trinity with its splendid kokochniki.

The Moscow of today is also a city of uninhibited wealth and luxury which is evident in its hotels and restaurants. In the land of vodka, the nightlife of the Muscovites is on a par with some of the most prominent capitals of the Western world !