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Istanbul the Magnificent and its hidden treasures

 Book a flight to Istanbul and head to the border between Europe and Asia. Half-Western, half-Eastern, Istanbul is a warm and multicultural city. A flight to Istanbul is sure to escape from the everyday and experience the excitement of a city with a rich historical heritage.

Istanbul is a generous city that reflects the diversity of its populations… and the enormous dimensions of its territory. Taxi drivers rule the streets and offer unbeatable prices, allowing tourists to make their way between the many historical and architectural gems that await after a flight to Istanbul. Byzantium to the Greeks, Constantinople to the Romans and the Ottomans: the city has an architectural and cultural heritage that is rivaled by few others worldwide. The 3,000 mosques, dispersed among the city's seven hills, are an ever-present feature of the landscape in this city, which is listed by UNESCO as part of World Heritage. In terms of the climate, it rarely rains from May to October and the temperatures remain below 86°F. Delightfully mild!

Booking a flight to Istanbul is an original idea for a romantic getaway. The banks of the Bosphorus and the Blue Mosque provide an enchanting setting. Owing its name to the main color in the Iznik tiles adorning its interior, the Blue Mosque symbolizes the Eastern charm of this mysterious destination. And there is no shortage of monuments in this history-filled city, between the Topkapi Palace and the Hagia Sophia.

Take advantage of your flight to Istanbul to immerse yourself in the city's bustling activity and get lost in its maze-like streets. The Bazar district is an excellent place to do just that! Listen to the joyous cacophony from its shops, which give off a sublime scent of the Orient.