Legal Notices
VoyageurRewards™ Conditions
Scope Participation in the VoyageurRewards™ program
Conditions governing the granting of rewards Confidentiality of information
1/ VoyageurRewards™ is a customer loyalty Program intended for small and medium-sized enterprises, the aim of which is to allocate points to Member Companies in accordance with a predetermined scale and in compliance with the terms, conditions and limitations set out hereinbelow, to reflect Air France flights completed by employees of Member Companies.

2/ In accordance with the cumulative total of points acquired by the Member Company, it may obtain air tickets.

3/ The present terms and conditions are governed by the law of the country in which the contract has been executed.
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Participation in the VoyageurRewards™ program
1/ Participation in the VoyageurRewards™ Program is free of charge. Participation in the program is open to all Companies not under contract to Air France and domiciled in the countries where
the program applies.

2/ Any Company wishing to become a member of the VoyageurRewards™ Program and satisfying the necessary criteria shall complete a membership application and register with the local site accessible via Registration as a Member automatically implies acceptance of
the general terms and conditions.

3/ A VoyageurRewards™ program administrator shall be designated by the Member Company. The program administrator shall manage the VoyageurRewards™ account and choose a method of control allowing Air France to credit the Company´s VoyageurRewards™ account with the required points, as described in the membership application. Member Company shall inform
Air France in writing or by e-mail of any change in the designation of the Program Administrator. Points may be accrued only on the basis of tickets issued after the date of commencement of membership of the Program. The Program Administrator is responsible for verification and/or addition of the numbers for tickets not yet entered. Any change in address, name or other necessary detail must be notified by the program administrator without delay.
The administrator guarantees the accuracy of the information and bears sole responsibility for any incomplete, incorrect or obsolete information. Air France reserves the right to verify the status of travellers as employees of the Member Company. Failure to adhere to the Program Rules, use of
the administrator´s name or entry of air tickets issued to travellers not employed by
the Member Company may lead to termination of the contract and cancellation of acquired reward entitlement.

4/ Air France reserves the right to refuse membership to any company which does not meet
the criteria for participation in the program. Travel agencies, ticket brokers and consolidators or other travel resellers are not permitted to belong to the program.

5/ Any company whose membership has been accepted shall have a specific account to which its points will be credited in accordance with the price paid and not the class travelled. Points Statements will be sent on a quarterly basis if the account is active. The Points account balance is not transferable between accounts or between calendar years.

6/ The following are not eligible for Points allocation: group fare tickets, travel agents´ tickets, tickets issued by consolidators and tour operators, flat-rate, prepaid, companion or promotional tickets.

7/ Points acquired are the property of the Member Company but cannot be transferred to its creditors in the event of bankruptcy.

8/ Air France reserves the right to amend the terms and conditions of the program, including
the scales for accrual of Points.
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Conditions governing the granting of rewards
Reward tickets: Reward tickets must be requested by the Program Administrator designated by
the Member Company, subject to a time limit of 7 working days prior to the beginning of
the journey. Reward tickets issued shall be sent to the Program Administrator at the address specified in the contract. Reward tickets shall be issued for flights operated by Air France. Reward tickets shall be issued with a confirmed reservation. Reward tickets cannot be combined with any other fare offer or promotional price. Flying Blue free or reward tickets are excluded from the program. Once issued, a reward ticket cannot be refunded, reassigned or exchanged and has no redemption value. Sale or exchange of reward tickets are strictly prohibited. Any reward transferred, sold, exchanged or bought shall, in accordance with the rules of the program, be null and void and can be neither returned or cancelled.

All reservations of reward tickets shall be subject to embargo dates set by Air France. Journey date or route changes or replacements are possible only prior to departure in the case of reward tickets.

Air France bears no liability in the event of the loss or destruction of reward tickets.

Taxes or duty payable on issuance of reward tickets must be borne by the customer.
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Confidentiality of information
All information relating to named individuals is collected and retained by Air France in compliance with data protection regulations. To contact us, send us a message:
  • by e-mail at:
  • by mail to the following address: Alek Manukian str., 9, Erevan, 10070 Armenia.