Zerocinquantello, street food made in Bologna

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Zerocinquantello, street food made in Bologna

Hidden in a small paved shopping street between greengrocers, butcher shops and cafés, Zerocinquantello offers a wealth of Bolognese cuisine, on the run.

The address belongs to a small network of three restaurants all specialised in typical products from Emilia-Romagna. The newcomer of the Zerocinquantello chain brings the 051 (“Zerocinquantino”, name of the flagship restaurant located right across) concept to the canteen version. Street food is the backbone of the restaurant, which is typical cuisine you can either eat in or take away. Zerocinquantello works like a small bar where you can order cold cuts or pasta, with a glass of Italian wine of course.
If you want to have brunch with some friends, you can either choose the inner dining room or the terrace, but prepare your outing in advance for the place is crowded. For lunch between two museum visits, the best option is to take away. On the menu, you have a choice of mortadella ham, tortellini al ragù, lasagne but also tigelle, small rolls usually accompanied with ham, and polpettine, meatballs Italians are fond of.

Via Pescherie Vecchie, 2/b
40124 Bologna

+39 051 047 0743

Menu: around 10 EUR