Whale sanctuary: four hours at sea with a whale expert

Whale sanctuary: four hours at sea with a whale expert

While many boats offer a promenade at sea in the Samana Bay, opt for the highly educational tours by the Canadian scientist who has been on these waters since 1983.

This sea trip on the Victoria Marine boat, a major tourist attraction for over 30 years, will let you in on the research and in-depth knowledge of Kim Beddall, whose expertise is indisputable and highly appreciated by visitors. Between December and April every year, 10,000 humpback whales leave the Arctic and come to mate in peace in the warm waters of Samana Bay, a few hours north of Santo Domingo. This impressive tour puts you within metres of cetaceans in full mating season.

On the agenda are sprays of water, jumps, and pirouettes that reveal the entire body of the animal. Beddall identifies the different whales by the distinctive white spots on their fins, a kind of fingerprint used for studying their growth and migrations. She also records their unique songs, ultra-sophisticated communication that is audible hundreds of kilometres away. These songs include a melody and a refrain that are different each season. How do both adults and their offspring memorise it? The mystery is far from being solved…

Whale Samana with Kim Beddall
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