War Remnants Museum, for history enthusiasts

War Remnants Museum, for history enthusiasts

Housed in the former US Information Service building, the War Remnants Museum in Ho Chi Minh-Ville is a must for whoever wants to understand Vietnam today.

Ho Chi Minh-Ville's War Remnants Museum recounts wars and conflicts that took place in Vietnam with reconstructions, photographs by wartime correspondents and information panels. At first named “Museum of Chinese and American wartime crimes”, it was given its current name in 1996 for the sake of pacification between nations. This historical place spreads over two floors, where exhibitions tell of the various atrocities carried upon Vietnamese people by enemy troops, such as the My Lai massacre or the use of the infamous Agent Orange on civilians.
The visit continues on the first floor, with the discovery of the “White Dove” room, where children's drawings are exhibited. Through painting, kids have been able to express their desires, such as a peaceful life, going to school or simply having a little bit of fun.
In the courtyard, you can admire gigantic American war machines salvaged from the battlefields: aircrafts, tanks and even helicopters. A very moving museum, filled with historic and unexpected stories.

War Remnants Museum
28, rue Vo Van Tan
District 3
70000 Ho Chi Minh-Ville

+84 (0)8 39 30 55 87