Vesuvius National Park: enter the scene

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Vesuvius National Park: enter the scene

12 kilometres from Naples, go on an excursion that will please kids and adults alike: a live geology lesson!

Mount Vesuvius is seen under a beautiful morning light as a shadow, a doubt, a vague menace over the calm of the Bay of Naples. In this mythical setting, it is a dark jewel, a black diamond.

On its extremely fertile slopes, fruit trees and vineyards (including the famous Lachryma Christi of Vesuvius Neapolitan wine) produce in abundance. From the base, a 500-metres easy-access footpath takes you to the crater. As you climb up, you see the landscape changing, vegetation giving way to a dark and mineral counterpart, drenched in silence… Here you are: a breathtaking vista over the city and the Mediterranean spreads before your eyes. A guide will tell then you the story and many legends of this famously active volcano. Conquer this giant, appearing all so calm, for one of the best experiences of your stay.

Vesuvius National Park
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