Nuova Trattoria del Forestiero, a plateful of lyricism

Nuova Trattoria del Forestiero, a plateful of lyricism

Excellence and simplicity can lead to the creation of the greatest musical works. Inspired by this precept, the Nuova Trattoria del Forestiero cooks the best pasta alla Norma on the island.

A typical and savoury dish from Catania, the pasta alla Norma is composed of macaroni, fried aubergines, ricotta and fresh basil. It owes its name to local literary man Nino Martoglio, who tasted it and exclaimed "È una vera Norma!" ("It's a true Norma!") - referring to the title of Vincenzo Bellini's two-act opera, himself a native of Catania. Both the Sicilian composer's work and the pasta recipe have been critically acclaimed by the locals ever since, especially at the Nuova Trattoria del Forestiero.
Within the ochre walls of this quaint restaurant, you will catch a glimpse of the mamma (still running the kitchen in her seventies) who prepares the famous recipe. Her son manages table service singlehandedly, too, so a bit of patience is required. Let time take its course; you will be rewarded by a copious plateful, a divine pleasure from the very first bite!

Nuova Trattoria del Forestiero
Via Pietro Antonio Coppola, 26
95131 Catania

+39 095 316 283

Menu: around 12 EUR