Thermae-yu Spa: the largest onsen in Tokyo

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Thermae-yu Spa: the largest onsen in Tokyo

The largest spa in the city opened in 2015 in the business district of Shinjuku, to the delight of Tokyo residents.

Hot springs and baths (onsen) have an important role in the life of the Japanese. More than just recreation, they are indicative of a way of life, with water being one of the key elements of their culture.

A large, six-story spa allowing an escape from the urban jungle makes sense here in its very centre, in a Shinjuku tower. The name comes from the Roman imperial baths, and is familiar due to a hit manga series and two films. You can wander from room to room and enjoy baths with water from the Jindai no Yu hot spring, located in Izu. The baths are each named after a Roman deity, bringing the powers of these gods to play.

Depending on your preferences, you can go to the hot stone room, the sauna, the carbon baths that encourage good circulation, or you can indulge in a luxury spa treatment.

Thermae-yu Spa
1-1-2 Kabukicho
160-0021 Tokyo
+81 (0)3 5285 1726