The Zona Colonial: a passionate meeting with history

The Zona Colonial: a passionate meeting with history

The historical centre of the Dominican capital is not only the most passionate part of the city, but also the most romantic.

The past centuries have not sullied the attractiveness of the island's prestigious past. Cradle of the New World, and the first city built on a grid pattern that became the model for all planners of that time, it attests to both the greatness and the excesses of the Conquistadors. The remarkable palaces and Gothic buildings with Romanesque and Moorish influences are the evidence of the beginning of colonisation.

The centre of the city, a UNESCO World Heritage Site restored according to the finest standards, can successfully move into the third millennium while still preserving its magic and identity. Stroll along picturesque streets and the banks of the Ozama River, and visit the remains of the walls that defended the city to the west. History still seems to inhabit countless treasures in Santo Domingo; include in your itinerary the Parque Colon, El Convento de Los Dominicos, Torre del Homenaje, and the Embassy of France, all of which offer a fine view of the city's Spanish heritage.

Zona Colonial
Santo Domingo 10120