The triumph of the Minotaur at Museo ICO

The triumph of the Minotaur at Museo ICO

One of only five museums in the world with a complete set of Picasso's ‘Vollard Suite' of 100 etchings.

The Museo Colecciones ICO (Instituto de Crédito Oficial) houses works by the greatest names in Spanish sculpture and painting of the 20th century, including Miró, Dalí, Gaudi, Tàpies, Solano, Chillida, and Barceló.

Above all, however, like the National Gallery in Washington, the MOMA, the Picasso Museum in Paris, and the British Museum, it has its own complete set of 'Vollard Suite' variations on the theme of the minotaur, by Pablo Picasso. These 100 etchings were the basis of Guernica (where the figure of the Minotaur is also present). The series is named after the art dealer Ambroise Vollard, (who happened to be Picasso's first art dealer) with whom Picasso exchanged them for a Renoir and a Cézanne.

310 complete sets were produced from the 100 original plates. Many of these were sold upon the death of Vollard to another dealer, Henry Petiet. The rest were scattered far and wide…

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