The Palomar: one of the best restaurants in London

The Palomar: one of the best restaurants in London

What's the first thing you should do when you are planning a trip to London? Reserve a table at the Palomar!

Fabulous! Extraordinary! Fantastic!”, are words that are often heard coming from the mouths of those who have just seen a great show. But here, even if one is in the theatre district, you will hear these superlatives from people coming out of the Palomar.

This restaurant, opened in 2014, can accommodate 50 people per service, including 16 who will have the privilege of dining on the zinc bar facing chef Tomer Amedi and his team. The flavours of southern Spain, northern Africa, and the Middle East make Palomar's dishes a trip for the senses.

A warm and festive atmosphere, a great staff, and excellent food prepared with passion will make your visit here one of your fondest memories of London. Add to that the restaurant's very reasonable prices and you'll understand why the Palomar is an address that some would like to keep to themselves.

The Palomar
34 Rupert Street
London W1D 6DN

+44 (0)7439 8777

Menu: around 21 GBP