The Ninth Art… invented by a Genevan

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The Ninth Art… invented by a Genevan

Surrounded by beautiful mansions, Toepffer Square in the Les Tranchées district reminds us that the comic strip originated in Geneva.

Did you know that the comic strip was born in Geneva? Rodolphe Toepffer, a teacher with innovative methods, was the first to produce them: he used to take his students on long school-excursion study trips, which he recounted with verve in illustrated books. Encouraged by Goethe, who was amazed by the humour and novelty of the process, Toepffer produced numerous masterpieces.

A square and a sculpture are dedicated to him in the luxurious Les Tranchées district, which has remarkable buildings dating back to the late 19th and early 20th centuries. The residential sector is a striking symbol of the history of modern Geneva: it was the first to be built beyond the fortifications that encircled the upper town at the time.

The orthogonal grid of streets allowed the construction of luxurious mansions. The Fondation Baur, Musée des Arts d'Extrême-Orient (Baur Foundation, Far East Art Museum), is housed in one of the residences of the area. Visit and view the beautiful Imperial Japanese ceramics on display.

La Fondation Baur, Musée des Arts d'Extrême-Orient
Rue Munier-Romilly 8
Square Toepffer
Les Tranchées district
1206 Geneva

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