The Museum of Ethnography: the zenith of contemporary art

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The Museum of Ethnography: the zenith of contemporary art

Newly renovated, this museum, located in Geneva's trendy contemporary art neighbourhood, symbolises the crossroads of cultures.

Contemporary art has a vibrant scene in Geneva, backed by fashionable galleries and flagship institutions: MAMCO (Museum of Modern and Contemporary Art), the Contemporary Art Centre, the Photography Centre and the Municipal Contemporary Art Fund. The contemporary scene, concentrated around Rue des Bains, has become a hub of bubbling creativity.

The contrast with the working-class Plainpalais neighbourhood is striking and gives a distinctively trendy feel to this part of the city. The Ethnographic Museum, renovated in 2014, is a new symbol in this ever-changing landscape. It is distinguished by its slanted facade of metal diamond-shaped panels that reflect the moods of the sky, and was designed by architects Marco Graber and Thomas Pulver.

The museum identifies and presents more than a 1,000 peoples and their cultures.Three times a year, the museum, together with the art establishments on the Rue des Bains, organises a festive open house called the Nuit des Bains, an event where one goes to see and be seen.

Musée d'ethnographie de Genève (MEG)
Boulevard Carl Vogt 65-67
1205 Geneva

+41 (0)22 418 45 50