The Mascarin National Botanical Conservatory

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The Mascarin National Botanical Conservatory

Nestled in an old farm in Saint-Leu, the main mission of this conservatory is to protect and safeguard Reunion's plant species.

Located in the western hills of Réunion, in the municipality of Saint-Leu and in the heart of an old farm built at the end of the 16th century, the Mascarin National Botanical Conservatory is the result of joint mobilisation of scientists and elected officials, passionate about the island and its remarkable heritage.

Take a stroll to admire the richness and diversity of Réunion flora and you can observe many native species such as coffee, tropical fruits, cacti, orchids and ferns. Access is given to nine hectares of gardens arranged into seven collections you can discover during a family outing through Réunion's vegetal heritage, between flora and history.

The conservatory also offers permanent and temporary exhibitions dedicated to different botanical collections. Guided visits, educational activities, refreshments and a gift shop are also to be found.

Conservatoire botanique national de Mascarin
2 rue du Père Georges
97436 Saint-Leu

+262 (0)2 62 24 27 25