The Lemon Tree & Co, cocktail on the Nile

The Lemon Tree & Co, cocktail on the Nile

Enjoy a cocktail on the Nile at sunset, a luxury offered by this chic and trendy bar-restaurant.

Lulled by the waters on the banks of the Nile in Zamalek The Lemon Tree & Co defines itself as a chic and trendy bar-restaurant. Nestled on the upper deck of the Imperial Boat, the terrace blooms during the day in the shade of the lemon tree. There you will taste Mediterranean dishes with inspirations from elsewhere, such as Moroccan veal revisited and cranberry chicken roulade.

At nightfall, the creative, bright and colourful place, transforms into an oasis from Arabian Nights. Each month, for a few hours, its Club Clandestine offers up to 100 guests the magical experience of a cruise on the Nile.

To fully capture the mood of the place, mingle with the golden Cairene youth by enjoying a cocktail at sunset, nestled in the soft cushions of the white sofas: an ideal way to attend the delightful show of Cairo nights.

The Lemon Tree & Co
Omar Al Khayam

+20 (0)2 2616 5231

Menu: around 250 EGP