The Inca Trail: the adventure of a lifetime

The Inca Trail: the adventure of a lifetime

Lost citadels, valleys shrouded in mist. The most famous trek in South America more than delivers on its promise.

Hiking this secret path, unknown to the Conquistadors, is an unforgettable experience, an initiation rite that shakes soul and body.

Each year, thousands of travellers engage in this four-day, 43-km hike, which requires an average fitness level but a real adaptation to the altitude. Between tropical forests and snowy peaks, a sequence of remarkable sites is reached: not only ‘the city on top of the terraces' and the ‘hummingbird', but also waterfalls and hidden ruins balanced precariously on steep cliffs.

Three passes, the last at 3,600 metres, take you to an Inca tunnel cut into the rock, which opens onto the Urubamba (Sacred) Valley. The last day is the climb down to Inti Punku. At dawn, the legendary Machu Picchu finally enters the light. Your return to civilisation will require at least two hours of walking.