The Hienghène rocks: a steep upward climb

off the beaten track - not to be missed
The Hienghène rocks: a steep upward climb

One of the island's natural curiosities, the Hienghène rocks span several kilometres. The most distinctive is the Nesting Hen, or “Poule couveuse”.

Famous for the beauty of its untamed landscapes, Hienghène is home to a number of distinctive black calcareous rocks, reaching up to 60 metres tall. In the middle of the bay sits the famous Nesting Hen.
A symbol of generosity, the legend of its appearance means it is a taboo place. It is said to have suddenly sprung out of the water to help people living in this remote area to survive.
There are panoramic viewpoints along the route, and at the entrance to the village there's a 360° view across the mountains and the lagoon, which are bathed in golden light at sunset. The viewpoint on the other side of the village overlooks the Sphinx-shaped rocky islets.
For an experience like no other you can kayak through this incredible area, all the way to the foot of the imposing Lindéralique cliffs – perfect for getting an up-close look at the grottoes and other rock formations carved out by the water over the years. You might even see some flying foxes, which have adopted this area as their favourite playground.