The fishing's always good at the Brenner Grill

mediterranean grill
The fishing's always good at the Brenner Grill

An elegant grill restaurant, close to Munich's main shopping streets, with a nice fish and pasta menu at reasonable prices. For meat, the prices go up.

An elegant wine bar and a superb grill are waiting for you under the majestic arches of the Brenner, in the former stables of the Munich Residenz. This is a great favourite of demanding meat lovers ready to pay the price. Guests can dine outside on the lovely terrace lined with potted olive trees, or in the vaulted hall, supported by rows of Doric columns. The centre of the restaurant is occupied by the charcoal grill, where gilthead bream, rib steak and swordfish filets with mango are cooked to perfection. The Brenner Grill's pasta dishes are delicious: Sicilian tagliatelle with swordfish, capers and olives; spaghetti calamaretti… Rest assured that you will eat well, in a spacious and elegant setting, and at a reasonable price (as long as you don't order the super-expensive Black Angus steak).

Brenner Grill
Maximilianstraße 15,
80539 München

+49 (0)89 452 28 80

Menu: around 30 EUR