The BMW Museum: on the highway of architecture

The BMW Museum: on the highway of architecture

The universe of this famous Munich-based brand is elegantly reflected in the architecture of this stunning museum. Inside? Five thousand square metres of design and technological wonder.

BMW obviously likes Austrian architects. Facing the sumptuous and gigantic BMW Welt showroom, by Wolf Dieter Prix (2007), is the headquarters of the Munich auto manufacturer and its museum, entirely redesigned in 2008 by the brilliant Viennese professor Karl Schwanzer.

Known as the ‘salad bowl' or ‘white cauldron', it contains BMW-designed engines, turbines, aircraft, motorcycles, and, of course, cars, plus a plethora of futuristic-looking models and conceptual studies.

One of the most visited museums in Munich, it also showcases the brand's racing history and its collaborations with artists, including Alexander Calder, Frank Stella, Roy Lichtenstein, Andy Warhol, and, most recently, Jeff Koons.

BMW Museum
Am Olympiapark 2,
80809 München

+49 (0)89 125 01 6001