Relax on the beaches of Saint-Gilles and Boucan Canot

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Relax on the beaches of Saint-Gilles and Boucan Canot

Réunion Island's most emblematic beaches, Saint-Gilles and Boucan Canot, are a must-see for swimming enthusiasts of all levels.

Located on the west coast of Réunion, the beaches of Saint-Gilles-les-Bains and Boucan Canot rate among the world's most beautiful shorelines. The vast lagoon, warm white sand and water so clear it looks like a natural swimming pool; its coral reef dotted with a multitude of colours and fish, make Boucan Canot beach the ultimate in tropical paradise.

It also has a special area dedicated to various water sports. We strongly recommend you explore the beauty of the seabed with flippers, mask and snorkel. A short distance away is Saint-Gilles, well known for its sublime and intimate coves and as a destination for scuba diving enthusiasts.

Novices can head to the Tower of Boucan or the sunken barge of Saint-Paul, while professionals will likely prefer the Cap Homard.