The Apartheid Museum, memory lives on

The Apartheid Museum, memory lives on

Take the time to understand what ‘separateness', the translation of the word ‘apartheid', really means.

Apartheid was just yesterday, and to help you realize the significance of that, a visit to this museum is very worthwhile. Take in the exceptional work of historians, architects, and filmmakers offering a deeply immersive vision of the world of institutionalized segregation.

As soon as you enter, you will be assigned, at random, a “skin colour” that will determine the entrance you use, either white or non-white. The tour then follows a chronological order with the emergence of the National Party, which introduced apartheid in 1948, the rise of black resistance, ruthless repression, and political executions, all of which ended with the first democratic elections by the entire population in 1994.

The aesthetic quality of the photos and videos, the replicas of the isolation cells, and the abundance of documentary materials contribute to the emotional power of this place you will feel drawn into the story, so close and yet so far. This is a place of remarkably well-orchestrated storytelling that makes manifest its slogan: 'Apartheid has a place. In a museum.

Apartheid Museum
Northern Park Way & Gold Reef Road
Johannesburg 2001

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