Tertúlia Algarvia, ode to local gastronomy

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Tertúlia Algarvia, ode to local gastronomy

Cataplana, xarém and other Algarve dishes associated with fishing feature strongly at Tertúlia Algarvia, a worthy representative of traditional cuisine.

Nestled in the heart of Faro's old town, the Tertúlia Algarvia restaurant is proud to be a symbol of the regional culture. Its large cobblestone terrace is situated a few metres from several emblematic buildings, such as the Municipal Museum, housed in a former convent, and, most notably, Faro Cathedral, one of the cloister walls of which touches the wall of the restaurant. In addition, a minuscule rooftop overlooks the place of worship - advance booking only.

The menu focuses on local gastronomy. So start with the estupeta tuna salad, which combines tender fish with creamy sweet potato, before continuing with the region's staple dish, a cataplana with fish and seafood. The word “cataplana” refers to both the dish and the cooking vessel typical of the Algarve that is used to make it: inspired by the tajine dish, it is shaped like an enormous clam which closes hermetically in order to cook the food slowly in its steam. To finish, try the xarém, a purée made from corn flour, here with the addition of honey and almonds.

Tertúlia Algarvia also offers original cookery classes with the aim of passing on the local intangible heritage. The ideal class to opt for is the one where you accompany the chef to the market, select produce on his advice, then cook your meal by following the traditional recipes to the letter. That way, you will have a unique and delectable experience.

Tertúlia Algarvia
Praça Dom Afonso III 13-15
8000-167 Faro

Tel : +351 289 821 044 / +351 963 636 567


Prices: around 18 EUR