Tasty stroll in Porto

Tasty stroll in Porto

'Porto works and Braga prays; Coimbra studies, but Lisbon plays!' is an old saying. It is true, Porto has been working hard: its reputation as a food city is flourishing.

Porto is often lovingly described as hard-working by its inhabitants. The city bottles the most delicious wines and offers the most typical food. Since 2000, Portologia has opened the doors of its perfumed cellars to the best grape varieties of the season, while Socalcos Vinhos & Gourmet invites you to roam through rows of wondrous bottles.
If you like coffee with chocolate or floral notes, head over to the historical Guarany café-restaurant. You cannot leave Porto without trying the famous francesinha (the little French one), made of white bread slices coated in gruyere cheese, and filled with a beef steak, cooked ham, a sausage and mortadella. Covered with an egg, grilled and drenched in a delicious hot sauce, it will assuredly delight your taste-buds. This food stroll will end in an abundance of fresh fruit and vegetables at the Bolhão market, a symbol of what Porto has to offer.

Portologia - Port wine house
Rua do Almada 315
4050-551 Porto
+351 22 201 1050

Socalcos Vinhos & Gourmet
Rua de Mouzinho da Silveira 1-11
4050-419 Porto
+351 22 321 8432 / +351 91 913 9639

Café Guarany
Avenida dos Aliados 85-89
4000-066 Porto
+351 22 332 1272

Mercado do Bolhão
Rua Fernandes Tomás 506-508
4000-211 Porto
+351 22 332 6024