Stylish uniqueness at the Hotel V Fizeaustraat

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Stylish uniqueness at the Hotel V Fizeaustraat

"From Amsterdam with love" is the slogan of this sumptuous hotel a few minutes from Amstel. Plan for a lovely night in the Venice of the North.

Designed by architect Piet Zanstra, the building is surrounded with greenery. The cosy reception hall with exposed foundations, illuminated by delicate candles and eccentric chandeliers, is an invitation to travel where "all is order and beauty, luxury, peace and pleasure" as Baudelaire wrote.

Once you open the door to your room, you enter a vast space of unusual charm. Around a generous-sized bed where four velvety pillows await you, discover an industrial space punctuated with exotic touches: woven fabrics on the walls, bamboo chairs and Scandinavian sofas are all elements that make for the attraction of the hotel. Finally, in a 1970s atmosphere, the Lobby Fizeaustraat declares an avowed love to gastronomy. The promise of an elegant day, Amsterdam style.

Hotel V Fizeaustraat
Fizeaustraat 2
1097 SC Amsterdam

+31 (0)20 662 3233

Rooms: from 84 EUR