Smoked and jazzy atmosphere at Prohibition

cocktail bar - jazz
Smoked and jazzy atmosphere at Prohibition

Hiding in the basement of the iconic Rosewood Hotel Georgia in Vancouver, Prohibition has all the attributes of a 1920s speakeasy.

No sound comes out through the massive wooden door hidden on the side of the Rosewood Hotel Georgia. But as you push it in, a few sensual notes on the saxophone rising from the basement will find their way in the staircase. At Prohibition, jazz bands play every night for a sophisticated audience, comfortably seated on long and fleece-lined emerald leather bench seats. With subdued lighting and glamourous atmosphere, the bar will take you back in time straight to the 1920s. The very large counter in black stone also welcomes regulars on high blue velvet stools. Changing with every season, the menu pairs cocktails and moods together. The “lucky + rococo + eccentric” will thus point to the Frank Sinatra (whisky, grapes and herbs liquor, sweet white wine), whereas “famous + festive + sociable” gives you an Elvis Presley (peanut-infused whisky, chicory and banana liquor). Ideal to gleefully listen to jazz in a muted atmosphere!

801 W Georgia St
Vancouver, BC V6C 1P7

+1 604 673 7089

Menu: cocktails from 17 CAD