Skopik & Lohn: eating well under an artistic ceiling

Skopik & Lohn: eating well under an artistic ceiling

In this restaurant we are far from the traditional and conventional, so go there for the innovative cooking and the decor.

This bistro in the trendy Karmelitermarkt quarter opened nearly ten years ago and has since attracted a steady stream of gourmets. It has an excellent reputation for serving Viennese cuisine with a French accent, and the prices are very reasonable considering the quality of the food.

The clientele is eclectic, as many artists like this place, and there is a reason for this. The decor, chosen by the owner Horst Scheuer, is dominated by a work of art that gives the restaurant its originality.

The ceiling, painted by the artist Otto Zitko, also extends over the walls. According to its admirers, it's a graphic fresco or nothing but black squiggles if you believe its detractors. Whatever the fresco may do for you, this restaurant is charming, the welcome stylish, and the service efficient.

Skopik & Lohn
Leopoldgasse 17
1020 Vienna

+43 1 219 8977

Menu: around 30 EUR