Schönbrunn: the ‘Austrian Versailles'

Schönbrunn: the ‘Austrian Versailles'

The summer residence of the Habsburgs is sumptuous. The visit, which includes the castle and the park, is an appointment with imperial history.

Schönbrunn Palace, one of the most beautiful Baroque palaces in Europe situated in south-west Vienna, was the summer residence of the Habsburgs, and one of Emperor Franz Joseph's favourite places.

After the fall of Napoleon, his wife, the Archduchess Marie Louise, and her son, the King of Rome lived there and in 1832, he died there. In this room we can see what he referred to as the only friend he ever had: a stuffed bird. But such melancholy is quickly overcome by the palatial rooms, which testify to the splendour of the court, including, among others, the Chinese Salon and the Grand Gallery, where a great many banquets were held.

After visiting the castle, the immense park is beautiful with its ruins, flowerbeds, gazebo, ponds, and statues. For botanical enthusiasts, there is also a collection of thriving tropical plants in the great greenhouse.

Schönbrunn Palace
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