Savour the pleasure of outdoor shopping at Boxpark

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Savour the pleasure of outdoor shopping at Boxpark

Thanks to the arrival of Boxpark, Dubai residents can finally appreciate open-air shopping.

Already tested in cities like London and Oslo, the concept of Boxpark was exported to Dubai in February 2015. The idea? Open ephemeral stores within industrial containers. A line of 220 boxes of different colours was placed along Jumeirah's Al Wasl Road, covering about 1,200 metres. This new kind of shopping centre is a big novelty in Dubai, where shopping in the open air is nearly impossible.

Alongside the 40 or so world-class stores such as Swatch, Toms, Marimekko, Adidas, Nike, and OnePiece, there are many restaurants, cafés, and terraces overlooking Burj Khalifa and the Dubai skyline. The place is especially nice at night. You can taste a wide variety of foods: burgers at Big Smoke, Italian dishes at Bianca , ice cream at Dri Dri, local dishes with modern flair at Log ma, or even a fondue (cheese or chocolate!) at Melting Pot.

And if you're the victim of jetlag and need a bite at night, note that Filful will serve you a plate of falafel and other Lebanese mezze 24 hours a day, seven days a week.

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