Satyagraha House: a meeting with history

Satyagraha House: a meeting with history

A residence still steeped in the spirit of Ghandi, its most renowned resident.

Walk in the footsteps of Gandhi in this beautifully renovated guest house, recently redone by the Voyageurs du Monde travel group.

More than a hotel, it is above all a place of memory and a museum, now classified as a Johannesburg historical heritage site. Gandhi lived in this house for more than a year between 1908 and 1909, with his friend Hermann Kallenbach, an architect. Between these walls he developed his modern concept of passive resistance, or Satyagraha in Sanskrit. The seven rooms have uncluttered decor-you will remember the simplicity in which the Mahatma wanted to live.

Some rooms are located in the historic house, called the 'Kraal' in reference to its architecture, inspired by a traditional African farm, others are in the cottage or in lovely buildings of brick with bay windows that open onto the garden. Here, in keeping with the spirit of yesteryear, no televisions are to be found and there is no pool, but you can enjoy introductions to yoga or meditation.

Satyagraha House
15 Pine Road
Johannesburg 2192

+27 (0)11 485 5928

Rooms: from 3,080 ZAR