Samourai : for Japanese food lovers

Samourai : for Japanese food lovers

For 25 years, one of the best Asian restaurants on the island highlights subtleties. Its varied menu includes yakinku, a fusion of Korean and Japanese cuisines.

The owners of Samourai, as well as the brigade of chefs, are all Japanese, which reinforces the legitimacy of the ultra-Zen Tokyo atmosphere.

Here, you will find couples, families, and people on business lunches, all appreciating a menu that emphasizes diversity and freshness throughout, including in its multiple sushi combinations. Made to order, as it should be, lovers of tuna and salmon will appreciate the sushi, maki, and sashimi platters. If meat is your preference, try the tasty chicken with ginger and lemon sauce or opt for the hibachi, with meat and vegetables grilled together, or different meats with teriyaki sauce, all accompanied with rice and a delicious green tea.

You can choose between a table in the dining room or a seat at the friendly counter. Note that Sunday brunch is one of the highlights of the week.

Calle Del Seminario 57
Santo Domingo 10210

+1 809 565 1621 (in Spanish only)

Menu: from 1,133 DOP