Salt Cathedral of Zipaquirà: a wonder of the world

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Salt Cathedral of Zipaquirà: a wonder of the world

The small colonial town of Zipaquirá is the site of an incredible underground cathedral carved in salt.

At a distance of 50 kilometres from the capital, the small colonial town of Zipaquirá clings to its colonial heritage, evidenced by its white and olive-green houses. The town is home to the surprising ‘Catedral del Sal', an exceptional underground salt cathedral, built in 1995. The original was built in 1954, but, on the verge of collapse, it was closed in 1992. Covering 10 hectares on three levels, the Cathedral was shaped from halite (salt) deposits, which formed there 250 million years ago, inside an active salt mine. At the top level, wide corridors serve the 14 chapels representing different stations of the Cross, bathed in a surreal atmosphere of blue, green, and red. The actual cathedral, 120 metres long and 22 metres high, is on the lower level. It is a unique site, classed as a UNESCO heritage monument, which can accommodate about 800 worshipers each Sunday for mass.

Catedral de Sal de Zipaquirá
Parque De La Sal
Carrera 6 Calle 1

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