Roman Theatre, still the heart of the city

ancient heritage
Roman Theatre, still the heart of the city

A place of culture and representation, this ancient theatre, built in the 2nd century AD, is the most magnificent relic of the former Philadelphia.

Located in the city centre and beautifully restored, Amman's Roman Theatre was built to celebrate Emperor Hadrian's visit to Philadelphia. Impressive for its size and location on a hillside, dug into the rock, it could accommodate more than 6,000 spectators on three sets of seats. The front rows were reserved for the aristocracy, mid-level seats were occupied by the soldiers who protected the rulers, and the plebs sat at the top.
Today, the theatre hosts major shows, enhanced by exceptional acoustics. In some areas of the stage, sounds are amplified as if by magic: they bounce from wall to wall and fly over the heads of the audience. A simple whisper can fill the entire amphitheatre, producing a moment of grace, which is magnified, every night, by the building's dramatic lighting.

Roman Theatre
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