Roche Percée: a symbol of the island

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Roche Percée: a symbol of the island

The surroundings of Roche Percée (or “Pierced Rock”) are astounding, not only because of its famous rock formations, but also the beauty of the beaches tucked away amidst the vegetation.

Far from the chaos of the city and only a 2-hour car ride from Nouméa, Roche Percée is a haven of peace. Right at the end of the beach, the quartz “Bonhomme” (or “Gentleman”) monolith sculpted by the waves looks out over the bay. There's also a tunnel here, which leads to Turtle Bay. As the name suggests, this peninsula is a key nesting site for big-headed turtles. You can see the eggs hatching and the baby turtles making their way towards the ocean between December and February.
There are plenty of things to do at Roche Percée: it's the only surfing spot in New Caledonia, and also offers plenty of walks where you can unwind surrounded by nature.
Explore the various trails leading through a forest of cycas trees and Cook pines to the thick, shady cluster of mangrove trees at its centre, and enjoy the magnificent views over the delta from the path between the 3 bays. It is here, seen from the sky, that you'll discover that it's actually the shape of a Manta ray.

Roche Percée