QO Amsterdam, Europe's most sustainable hotel

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QO Amsterdam, Europe's most sustainable hotel

An environmentally friendly culture prevails in this hotel, only two steps away from the banks of the Amstel.

At QO Amsterdam, ecology is a way of life. With a self-sufficient greenhouse and an intelligent façade, the building is at the front line of sustainable development. You will be able to enjoy panoramic views and sip on a drink at the skybar located on the rooftop, where aquaponics has been set up (a natural ecosystem based on symbiosis between plants, fish and bacteria). The hotel farms vegetables, aromatic herbs as well as fish, all for its own restaurant serving typically Dutch food. The other products are all sourced from seasonal and local food networks, in accordance with life cycles.
Situated only five minutes away from the Spaklerweg and Somerlust park, QO Amsterdam aims to please its clientele with natural material and light-based decoration. Its modern architecture cleverly conceals an avant-garde energy-producing system: heat and cold are retained to supply heating and air conditioning. The attractive value for money of this innovative hotel definitely makes it an ideal spot to set up home while in Amsterdam.

QO Amsterdam
Amstelvlietstraat 4
1096 GG Amsterdam

+31 (0)20 220 5650


Rooms from 150 EUR