Prasowy: the popular restaurant

Prasowy: the popular restaurant

In a milk bar, you don't just drink milk. You can eat too! A guaranteed unique experience.

In return for a handful of coins, Mleczny bars have nourished the Polish for a long time. Popular canteens that appeared in the 20th century, they multiplied during the communist era when they were subsidized by the state. Standing out neither for their decor nor for their service, they often offered the same dishes—which were not always good! A few addresses survived with the change in regime in 1989. Among them, Prsowy has been magnificently redone, riding on the wave of nostalgia with plastic chequered tablecloths covering the tables.
The place welcomes businessmen in suits, hipsters with long beards, and grandmothers in flowered dresses that are a bit worn. The menu is on a blackboard on the wall, and only in Polish. Don't ask for help from the cashier—she only speaks two words of English—and hurry up, the line is long. Pay and show your ticket to the cook who will call on you when the food is ready. Of course the experience is worth as much as the food…

Marszalkowska 10/16
00-590 Warszawa

+48 666 353 776

Menu: 3 courses around 16 PLN