Plunge deep into the Poindimié coral reef

Plunge deep into the Poindimié coral reef

The underwater colours and surroundings in Poindimié are so incredible, you won't know where to look next.

Several diving centres take students to explore the listed UNESCO World Heritage site of Poindimié reef. There are around fifty sites there, each more magnificent than the last. The seabed is full of grottoes, recesses, canyons and fault lines, and thick with gorgonians, nudibranchs, and other microorganisms. In the coral-lined valley of Val d'Isère, you can see leopard sharks, nurse sharks, stingrays and humphead wrasses.
From mid-July to mid-September, whales come closer to the shore – if you keep your eyes peeled, then with a bit of luck you might even spot them on a dive.
If you're more of a snorkelling fan, then the islet of Tibarama is a good option. Its shallow waters and white sandy beaches give the lagoon a clear, shimmering appearance – perfect for donning your fins, snorkel and mask and exploring the abundance of marine life.
This is one of the only places in New Caledonia that you can see the extremely rare ribbon eel.

Poindimié Reef