Plachutta: the king of boiled beef

Plachutta: the king of boiled beef

A temple of Viennese cuisine, this is where you must come to eat local specialities, notably the famous Tafelspitz. Excellent.

Plachutta is one of the stars of traditional Viennese cuisine, as evidenced by the numerous books best sellers that the chef has written. His speciality: Tafelspitz, a kind of stew with vegetables (leeks, carrots, onions…) served in a copper pot after simmering for at least three hours. Just like Emperor Franz Joseph, who claimed this as his favourite dish, everybody loves this typical Austrian recipe.

The room is always packed with families, businessmen, stars, who all come for lunch or dinner. Here you will appreciate not only the kitchen, but also the warm atmosphere.

In summer, a huge terrace can accommodate more guests.

Wollzeile 38
1010 Vienna

+43 1 512 1577

Menu: around 45 EUR