Östermaln Saluhall: a mouth-watering market

Östermaln Saluhall: a mouth-watering market

Herring, lobsters, salmon… Shop for your next meal and have lunch here, where the ambience is as good as the traditional Swedish dishes.

It is impossible not to come back from this market without pickled herring, black bread, and a bottle of aquavit – barley or potato liquor scented with various herbs – for an improvised Swedish dinner.

For gourmet shopping, head for the Östermaln covered market! There are many small markets and supermarkets in Stockholm. They are almost all organic and are frequented daily by Stockholmers. But, here, you are in the temple of Swedish cuisine. For the smoked reindeer and elk salami, go to Andersson Fagel & Vilt. The best place for marinated salmon, whitefish eggs, and Baltic oysters is Lisa. Of course, there are others, as well…

Do not hesitate to stop and savour a hot dog and a strong beer at one of the small carts or cafés that cultivate the 'street-food' spirit. You can also make a real meal of it and have reindeer steak with cranberries and mashed potatoes.

Östermalms Saluhall
114 39 Stockholm