Nouméa Market: sense-ational!

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Nouméa Market: sense-ational!

Right at the heart of Nouméa, the market brings the city centre to life every morning, filling it with colours and flavours.

Nouméa Market in Port Moselle is the biggest in New Caledonia.
A local institution, it's extremely popular with the locals: the earlier you get there, the better!
Locally-grown fruit and vegetables fill three of the five pavilions. You'll also find plenty of delicious local specialities including honey, guava jam, hibiscus flower syrups and even pickled shrimps.
The fish market sits on the quayside overlooking the harbour, and is a must! Freshly-caught fish and shellfish fill the stalls, and with mangrove crabs, blue shrimp, lobster, mahi-mahi (common dolphinfish), tuna, parrotfish, rabbitfish, and much more, you're sure to find something you'll love!
Make sure to stop by the craft stalls outside the market, and round your basket off with costume jewellery, small decorative items and other souvenirs.
At the weekend there's even musical entertainment – make the most of it with a stop at the bar in the middle of the market!

Nouméa Market
Port Moselle
Rue Georges Clemenceau

Tel : +687 27 35 51éa/port-moselle-market