New address for the European Central Bank

New address for the European Central Bank

Inaugurated in March 2015, the new headquarters of the ECB is a 3D architectural wonder by the Viennese architect Wolf D. Prix.

Change, of course, has come for Frankfurt bankers, who have left the Eurotower city centre and moved east to Ostend, down on the river Main. The formerly quiet area has already seen a bump in square-metre prices.

The two twisted towers of steel, glass, and concrete, which took ten years to build, are 185 metres high, with dramatic views over the city. The technology on the 45 floors is cutting-edge: lifts that climb to the top in seconds; building heating provided by recycling the heat generated by computers; and toilets flushed with recycled rainwater. The gym is very popular.

Visit the Council Chambers on the 41st floor, which has a ceiling decorated with a stylised map of Europe and spectacular views through its three glass walls.

European Central Bank
Sonnemannstraße 20
60314 Frankfurt am Main

+49 (0)69 13440