Museum of Modern Art (MoMA)

Museum of Modern Art (MoMA)

One of the most influential modern art museums in the world, MoMa is a cultural icon and well worth a visit.

Created in 1929 in Midtown Manhattan, MoMA is now the largest modern and contemporary art museum in the world.

After two years of renovations, led by the architect Yoshio Taniguchi, MoMA has doubled its exhibition space and now boasts a spectacular collection of 100,000 works from the fields of painting, sculpture, photography, design, architecture, and film. Set aside several hours to do the full tour, since MoMA has no fewer than five storeys. The first floor is reserved for contemporary art of the 1970s to the present; the second floor is dedicated to drawings, engravings, and photography; the third and fourth floors include the permanent collections and therefore the most popular works for visitors. Among the treasures on these two levels, do not miss The Starry Night by van Gogh, The Persistence of Memory by Dalí, the series of 32 Campbell's soup cans by Warhol or The Dance by Matisse. On the fifth floor, dedicated to temporary exhibitions, you can also enjoy a well-deserved break in the café or on the terrace.

Museum of Modern Art (MoMA)
11 W 53rd Street
New York, NY 10019
+1 212 708 9400

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