Museum Africa: national history on display

Museum Africa: national history on display

A museum that treats the history and culture of the country with panache.

Located in the halls of a former fruit and vegetable market in the Newlands, Museum Africa, dedicated to the social and cultural history of South Africa, features vaulted exhibition spaces that occupy an entire block. Through its paintings, photographs, and wonderful exhibits, take a journey that fascinates both children and adults curious to learn more about the industrial heritage, culture, and history of the country. Want a preview of what you find here?

The history of Gauteng and Johannesburg, the first sites in the discovery of gold, plus reconstructions of townships and the interiors of residences. There are also presentations of South African music, with its most representative instruments, photography and cinema, and cave art in a reconstructed cavern. Another area is dedicated to Gandhi's life in Johannesburg and yet another on the historic 1956 trial of anti-apartheid militants.

Museum Africa
Lilian Ngoyi Street
Johannesburg 2000

+27 (0)11 833 5624