Motor Valley fast Italian engines

Motor Valley fast Italian engines

Italian cars and motorcycles remain first-rate and the Motor Valley track reveals the sporting spirit alive in the region.

You can almost hear the sound of engines inside the Ducati Museum of Bologna. Inaugurated in 1998, it shelters the motorcycle models that made the prestigious brand history and offers some hindsight into its creation process, from the assembly line to future projects still on paper.

These past years, automobile museums have spring up like mushrooms in the region. Less than one hour from Bologna, the Enzo Ferrari Museum of Modena is located in the house where the founder of the brand was born. Over 5,000 sqm, it exhibits an eclectic collection of cars, documents and posters that unveils the story of Ferrari. A few kilometres from there in the town of Maranello - famous for its racetrack, stands another Ferrari museum, housing real Formula 1 driving simulator.

There are other museums in the vicinity, notably the Lamborghini one in Sant'Agata Bolognese, in between Modena and Bologna.

Museo Ducati
Via Antonio Cavalieri Ducati 3
Borgo Panigale
40132 Bologna
+39 051 641 3343 / +39 051 641 3111

Museo Enzo Ferrari
Via Paolo Ferrari 85
41121 Modena
+39 059 439 7979

Museo Ferrari - Maranello
Via Alfredo Dino Ferrari 43
41053 Maranello
+39 053 694 9713

Museo Lamborghini
Via Modena 12
40019 Sant'Agata Bolognese
+39 051 681 7611