Monasterio de San Francisco: a priceless religious jewel

Monasterio de San Francisco: a priceless religious jewel

A huge 17th-century architectural complex, probably the most important in the New World, which miraculously resisted the 1687 earthquake.

Dedicated to the Franciscan order, this monastery-church does not go unnoticed. The bright yellow facade, flanked by two massive towers of hewn stones, is a fine example of Spanish Baroque. Its interior reveals a choir flooded with lights, with Moorish-inspired white and red arches.

There is an admirable series of chapels and some very ornate altars. The outbuildings include a colonnaded cloister. There is also a secret garden and an outstanding library with original coffered ceilings. The monks had nearly 25,000 rare books at their disposal, some predating the Spanish conquest.

Among the many items of interest is the monumental Moorish dome in Panama cedar. It watches over the entrance to the monastery, and the corridors are covered with tiles from Seville. The underground floor, famous for its crypts and catacombs, attracts many visitors.

Monasterio de San Francisco
Jirón Lampa y Ancash
Cercado de Lima
Lima 15001

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