Maboneng Precinct and the MOAD: an island of hipness

Maboneng Precinct and the MOAD: an island of hipness

Maboneng has followed the trajectory of many industrial zones in major world cities and is now home to a trendy neighbourhood of galleries, offices, lofts, restaurants, boutiques, and cafés.

Abandoned to squatters and drug dealers in the late 1990s, the Maboneng district has been rejuvenated by a young entrepreneur who has spearheaded urban development and captured the attention of the youth of the city. Here you will find artists, creators, entrepreneurs, and designers in offices and workspaces, as well as in fashion boutiques alongside an avant-garde cinema and very popular restaurants. The new Museum of African Design (MOAD), in a 1970s-era warehouse, has an eclectic collection, from large abstract sculptures in rock or fibreglass to chairs in odd forms.

The museum aims to showcase artists of the highest level from the entire continent, though the majority of the 100 artists represented are native to South Africa. The district, frequented by hipsters and artists from the ‘born-free' generation, also claims to be the world capital of graffiti, one example of which is a massive Mandela in black, purple, and orange, with his fist raised.

You will discover another side of Johannesburg here, a side that brings together the cosmopolitan, avant-garde, and intellectual youth of the city of all ethnic backgrounds.

Museum of African Design (MOAD)
281 Commissioner Street
Johannesburg 2094

+27 (0)10 500 2448