LSD, Porto's trendy HQ

trendy - terrace
LSD, Porto's trendy HQ

In the modern Ribeira neighbourhood, among design stores and trendy places, the recently opened LSD restaurant is already quite a hit.

Perfectly located at the bottom of the Rua das Flores, on a small praça where shade and sun fight it out, and a few steps away from the Douro, the LSD restaurant awaits you. Do not worry! There is no hallucinogenic on the menu, as the place is simply named after the Largo de São Domingos street. The restaurant offers a nice terrace where you can enjoy salads, sandwiches or pata negra during the day, and two modern and streamlined dining rooms inside. The LSD chef revisits Portuguese cuisine by including unusual ingredients such as cocoa, vanilla or sweet potatoes. On the menu you will find oven-cooked shoulder of milk-fed lamb, codfish salad with chickpea and orange, homemade duck ham, and even octopus with black rice, spinach and roasted tomatoes… Whatever you choose, there will be a perfect wine to come enhance the flavours, all to be enjoyed in a young and trendy atmosphere.

LSD (Largo de São Domingos)
Largo de São Domingos 78
4050-545 Porto

+351 91 029 8589

Menu: around 35 EUR