Livraria Lello, a world of books

Livraria Lello, a world of books

With more than 60,000 titles on its shelves, this large and imposing bookshop is among Porto's most unusual spots.

Stand in front of the entrance, raise your head and lay your eyes on the two figures that surround the large window opening: Art and Science welcome you here. Since 1906, this bookshop of undisputed decorative beauty has been considered a 'house of letters' by the many intellectuals and writers that Porto counts in its midst, browsing an incredible number of rare books. In spite of the years, this Neo-gothic architectural gem shelters a temple of literary culture in Porto (with more than 60,000 electronically indexed titles available) in pristine conditions. Book lovers, students and academics rub shoulders with tourists in front of the imposing central staircase, between old books of spells and wooden shelves. Due to the current craze surrounding the history of the place, staff are having to be extra careful to ensure the shop remains just that: a shop. This has led to the introduction of a 5 EUR entry fee, but bookworms should fear not: the fee is deductible from any book purchase made.
Treasure hunters, note that gems like the three volumes of Reynaldo dos Santos' Oito séculos de arte portuguesa, or the facsimile of Luís de Camões' Os Lusíadas'(1572) first edition sit jealously guarded in the owner's office! Finally, J.K. Rowling enthusiasts will gladly learn that the writer took her inspiration there for Hogwarts, Harry Potter's school.

Livraria Lello
Rua das Carmelitas 144
4050-161 Porto

+351 22 200 2037